Here is the FAQ when you sign up for the program. I won’t post any videos or any other info, just the “free” stuff as I don’t feel it would be fair to give it out for free:


Workout Questions

Q: How much weight do I use for my exercises?
A: You should use a weight heavy enough for you to be able to finish the # of reps on your first 2 sets.
For ex: if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you can only get 8 reps by the 3rd set. Your doing fine. Do not lower the weight.
For ex: if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you can only get 8 on the first set, Lower the weight.
For ex: if the workout says do 4 sets of 10 but you can do 14 reps on your first set, increase the weight.
Make sure you finish your sets with a little bit of difficulty as you don’t want to cheat yourself by making the weight too light. Remember, light weight doesn’t build more muscle, it only builds endurance so if you lift, you have to lift heavy enough so you can make your muscles stronger. Just keep in mind that form has to come first before heavy weight. If you can’t lift with good form, drop your weight down bc you must avoid injuries at all cost.

Q: How much rest time do I take, also can I modify it making it longer or shorter?
A: I recommend not going longer than 90 seconds for rest, but you can shorten it if you would like to.

Q: What should I do If I can’t do the amount of reps or sets instructed in workout?
A: Here are a few things that will help:
– Lower the weight and keep the repetition the same so you wont get fatigue as fast bc your not pushing your to the limits with every set.
– Increase your rest time by 30 sec up to 1 min b/t sets so you can catch your breath and give your muscles a longer break.
– Complete only part of the workout today and finish the rest tomorrow to slowly let your body get use to the intensity.

Q: I am feeling body pain, what should I do?
A: If you are feeling very sore and drained you should not work out that body part until the pain subtle. However, mild soreness is normal and you should still work out with that. If you are feeling sore in one body part, you can still work another (ex — if your legs are sore, work your chest)

Q: I have a medical/ physical problem, how do I modify the program?
A: I have a few clients in a very similar situation who have gotten in killer shape without re-injuring themselves. You can modify the program by using the exercising substitution print out located on the bottom of the home page.
Here are some general rules and tips you can follow. You can always email me at
– Don’t do any force reps or sets till failure. Finish your last rep with good form and control.
– If you find pain or difficulty performing an exercise due to your condition, try to substitute it in the Substitution Print Out or make it up by doing more sets of the exercise (on that same body part) that you can perform comfortably.
– Slow down the repetitions and use strict form. Fast reps, or loose form are the most common causes for injuries.
– Increase the rest times b/t your sets to lower the intensity and make the workout day easier.
– Lessen the amount of sets you perform to lower the intensity of the workout.
If you are unsure on what is recommend for your condition, you should consult your physician first before starting the program.

Q: I can’t do some of the exercises in the program, how do I work around that?
A: It is ok if you can’t finish the whole workout day or your really fatigue after your done. Your body just isn’t use to it yet and that is a good thing. Bc that is the key to getting you results. If you could do the whole workout program without much difficulty ,then your body is not being challenged and will not be forced to build more muscle and burn the fat. The longer your in the program, you will find the workouts easier to finish and your body will have a increase in muscle and decrease in fat as a result from your body adapting to the new workout program. If you have pains or feel you might get injured, try substituting some of the exercises in the Exercise Substitution Print Out.

Q: I took some time off and now I’m restarting the workouts, should I start back at phase 1 or where I left off last?
A: You can start on phase 1 and work your way up but only do each workout day once, then move on to the next phase.
For Ex: If you left off in phase 3 day 3, and you took 2 weeks off, then start back on phase 1 and only each workout days once before moving on to phase 2. Do the same in phase 2, then go to phase 3. This way it gives your body about a week or so to get use to training again and prevents any unnecessary injuries.

Q: How many days should I workout in a week, would I see more results if I workout 7 days in a row?
A: You should workout 4-5 days a week. The most you should train is 6 days in a week. You won’t see more results working 7 days a week bc your results come from your body’s recovery and 7 days a week is not giving your body enough recovery time.

Q: I know how to exercise already, should I shorten or skip phase 1 and go directly to phase 2 or 3?
A: You should definitely start with phase 1, because all of the phases build on each other. Even though its phase 1, its not an easy beginner phase. Its actually good if you are a experience lifter as phase 1 will totally shock your body bc most people’s regimens are certain body parts on certain days instead of all in 1 day which will be a good metabolic shock for you.

Q: I been in the program for a while and my results are very slow, what should I do?
A: We need to review and make sure you’re doing everything correctly and don’t give yourself excuses.
Did you workout 4-5 days last week or was last week a “special week” bc of some good reason you have that you had to skip your workouts. (You may have been busy and couldn’t do 30 or 45 minutes of exercise, but you still had enough time to do 10 minutes. Realize that good reasons are only good excuses that help you justify your actions, but at the end its your results that suffer.)
Did you follow the workouts as it was written or did you modify if to make it easier?
Did you follow the ZWES or did you go out to eat and had a few cheat meals?
For Ex: Take a look in your fridge, if you cooked yesterday morning, you should have a bare minimum of 15 meals left (3 a day for 5 more days)
Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night? (lack of sleep means your body don’t burn as much fat and muscles recovery is slow.)

Q: I am a women and I don’t want to bulk up or get too muscular, do I need to modify the program?
A: The program definitely works for women. The program way designed to help people lose body fat and gain muscle and even though the workouts may seem to be geared toward men the philosophy behind getting ripped is not gender specific. Make sure that you follow the ZWES very closely as your nutrition will be a major factor for your results.
Here are a couple of things you can do if you find yourself getting bulky and you want to trim up.
– Lower your calories per day by eating less per meal and cutting out snacks, sugars, and liquid calories. Your body will lack the calories it need to keep up your weight and as a result, will break down your fat and some muscle to compensate resulting in you looking slimmer and “tone” instead of muscular and bulky.
– Lower the amount of weight you use on exercises you use to work on your “bulky areas” and increase the repetition to 15 reps per set. Keep the amount of sets the same. For Ex: if you feel your arms are getting to bulky, make sure to lower the weight on your curls and your tricep exercises while keeping the sets the same.

Q: I am a teenager b/t the age of 13 – 17 years old, do I need to modify the program?
A: The program will work for you, however you should make sure to focus on excellent form at all times. It is ok if you are not lifting very heavy weights and pushing yourself to the max. Because of your age it is very important that you stay safe and injury free, so be sure to review the videos in the Exercise Vault and to follow the form exactly. You will still see very good gains doing this and you will have a great foundation for even more gains later. If you don’t have the Exercise Vault, watch the workout videos in the phases for form and technique.

Q: I am a senior and the exercises look too difficult, how can I make the program fit me?
A: It is ok if you can’t finish the whole workout day or your really fatigue after your done. Being older just means your muscles and joints may not be what it used to be but its ok. Just keep strict form and do the workouts instructed. Your body at any age will adapt to the workout program no matter how hard it seems to be now. Just be consistent and take your time. Remember to get results at any age, you still must challenge your body. The longer your in the program, you will find the workouts easier to finish and your body will have a increase in muscle and decrease in fat as a result from your body adapting to the new workout program. Here are a few things you can do in the mean time to make the workouts easier:
– Skip or substitute an exercise that you can’t do or feel unsafe in performing.
– Lower the weight and keep the repetition the same so you wont get fatigue as fast bc your not pushing your to the limits with every set
– Increase your rest time by 30 sec up to 1 min b/t sets so you can catch your breath and give your muscles a longer break.
– Complete only part of the workout today and finish the rest tomorrow.

Q: How can I want to put on muscle mass, I don’t want to lose weight.
A: For your workouts you need to increase your weight on your exercise and lower your reps ranges to 6 -8 reps. Keep in mind that your form MUST BE very strict in order to go this heavy. If you still are working on perfecting your form, Do Not increase your weight or lower reps until your form is perfect. You must at all cost avoid all injuries and stay safe. Increase your rest times b/t sets by 30 to 60 sec more so you can have longer muscle recovery time and have more strength for your exercises.
For nutrition our portion size on your meals should be increase to 2 times the size of your fist per meal. Put more carbs in each meal, use carb sources like potato, white rice, pasta, yams as I found those carbs seems to help with weight gain. Generally, the main change in eating when trying to put on more mass is to increase your calorie intake per day so your body has the extra food to support the weight gain.

Q: The Workout Print Out is slightly different than what the Workout Days Video, which one should I follow?
A: You should follow the videos whenever there is a difference between the two.

Q: What time of the day is best to workout?
A: . The time of day you workout is up to you but if I had your schedule, I would workout either before going into work or right after work NOT STOPPING BY HOME first. Reason why on not going home first is due to past experiences with my clients, you stay more consistent on your workouts when its “part of the work day”

Q: I train in MMA, how do I integrate sixpackshortcuts into my current routine?
A: This is Dan…Mike asked me to jump in on this question and help you out. I train BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) and Muay Thai in addition to doing the Six Pack Shortcuts workouts so I can tell you what’s worked for me:
1. Do 1/2 the sets recommended in the workout guide for these muscle groups:
Chest; Biceps; Triceps; Shoulders
Some muscle here will help you in MMA, but over-building these will interfere with your punching speed and fluidity.
2. Add the M-100 routine in this video to the end of every workout:
This routine gives you INSANE cardio…this combined with your strength from the lifting will make you VERY hard to deal with.
3. Separate your MMA training from your SPS workouts by as many hours as possible. What I would do is to lift in the morning, and train MMA in the evening. The more hours you can rest between workouts, the better your performance will be.
4. You MUST take at least 1 week totally off from all workouts every 3 months. When you are regularly pulling double workout days like this it really drains your body…so you will need a week every now and then to recover.
5. When you are training this often you also need to have your diet and sleep locked down. Be sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep per night, and that 80% of your food is coming from Zero Willpower meals.
-Hope this helps you out man! You can also email me directly at if you have any other MMA-related questions.



Workout Equipment Questions

Q: I don’t have a gym membership or access to gym equipment, what should I do?
A: You do not need a gym membership to complete this program. Even though it is recommended, you can substitute most of the exercises by using the exercise substitution print out located on the home page.

Q: What is the basic equipment needed to the entire program?
A: Ideally there is couple of options for equipment:
Option#1 – Get a door frame chin up bar, adjustable dumbbells, and a flat bench.
Option# 2- Get a Olympic size(ideal) or regular Flat Bench Press with a barbell and have weighted plates for resistance and a door frame chin up bar if possible.



Nutrition Questions

Q: I don’t have access to a kitchen, how should I prep my meals-(maybe a college student)?
A: That’s no problem, some of our members don’t have access to a kitchen for various reasons. Just follow the Busy Man’s Eating Shortcuts in weeks 5 through 8 in the 24 week advanced coaching program and all your meals will only need a microwave to heat up. No stove top and refrigeration will be needed.

Q: I don’t have time to cook, what should I do?
A: Believe me I understand that its hard to get use to cooking that much food. But if you think about it, an average person who tries to eat healthy spends at least 2 hours everyday on making or preparing there breakfast,lunch,dinner,snack, grocery shopping,washing dishes, marinating, etc… That’s 14 hours a week they spend just on there nutrition. And the ones that try to eat healthy by only eating out realizes that its more time spend on getting their nutrition by driving around to different food places, waiting for their meal, PLUS they end up getting fat and spending more money. I tried all these options already and that’s why I do all of my cooking one day of the week for only 2 hours to get it all out of the way. This way I’m saving time, saving money, while getting lean, ripped, and healthy.

Q: Can I replace some the foods for something else I like better?
A: You should really focus on committing to the Zero Will Power eating system for now. also, I’m a big believer in the 80/20 Rule. 80 % healthy eating and 20% of food I really enjoy. Generally, the more someone alters the Zero will Power Eating System, the less results they see. The foods in the eating system are the most popular and general choices. If you like to replace certain items, you must make sure that it is comparable to what’s in the ZWES already.

Q: How much calories,fat,carbs, sugar, should I eat a day?
A: Focus on the QUALITY of the calories that you are eating. I recommend quantities of lean meats, fruits, veggies and nuts with slower-digesting carb (brown rice, yams, etc) to each of your meals by the following the ZWES. If you follow the guidelines, you don’t need to count everything you eat. I never counted the amount of calories I eat in a day. All I make sure is that Im eating my prepped meals and snacks and if I want to eat a little bit extra that day, no big deal. If I go out to eat and have a “cheat meal” I make sure to keep my meal size small and eat only 2 or 3 meals for that day to make up for going out higher calorie meal.

Q: What type of protein should I eat with my Zero Will Power Meals?
A: Follow the basic protein suggestions in the ZWES like chicken breast, tilapia or any kind of fish, lean cuts of beef; pork; grounded beef, turkey, or egg whites. There are other cuts of protein that are less popular and still good for you, just make sure they are low in fat and calories. I personally stick to chicken breast, ground beef, and tilapia as my protein source and just switch up the ways I season it and use different sauces for new unique flavors.

Q: What type of protein powder should I take?
A: There isn’t any need to take protein powders on a regular basis with this program. Protein powders are good to have around, but only as back up when you don’t have protein or any meals prepped. I had the same jug of protein powder for almost a year already and I just leave it in my pantry as back up protein.(along with my other back up proteins like cans of tuna, cans of salmon, canned chicken, canned beans)

Q: What type of supplements should I take with this program?
A: The only thing I would recommend taking is vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. Workout supplements, fat burners, creatine, pro hormones, etc, can only give you a small advantage (15%) and most of time will make you mentally weak once you stop taking it due to being used to being “on something”. If you actually took something like illegal steroids which will give you more than a 15% boost, not only will you become Even More mentally weaker when you cycle off, but you will lose majority of your gains if not all, not to mention the fact of other side major health side effects.

Q: How big should my meals be?
A: Your meals should be the size of one and half of your fist, total size for the entire meal, not just protein portion or carb portion. The meal should consist of about
40% protein – 30% carbs – 30% veggies. If you want a rapid drop in weight and fat, lower the % of carbs and increase the % of veggies.

Q: How often should I be eating a day?(Do I need to 5 meals a day to lose fat?)
A: You want to eat about every three hours or when hungry. You don’t necessarily need 5 meals, but if you are eating the right portion size and type of foods, (plus working out) your body will automatically be hungry every 3 hours which will result in eating 4 – 6 meals a day. Don’t worry about try to stuff 5 meals in a day just to keep up with the requirements. Do the workouts, prep the meals and just eat when your hungry and soon you will eat 4-6 meals a day naturally on your own.

Q: Should I eat before bedtime?
A: Just as long you are getting about 8 hours of sleep, you can have a meal about 1-2 hours before bed and it should be ok. A trick would be to make this a smaller meal and use veggies as your carb source. That will significantly increase your fat burning specially when you sleep and you will notice a little change almost every morning. (just as long you did your workout the day before because your muscles will burn those extra calories every night to recover from the workout.)

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